Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Welcome Back!

So, how has your first week or so of homeschooling gone? At this stage I know many of you are still waiting for books to arrive, just settling in after being away, tweaking plans, and helping children adjust to a more scheduled day after what I hope was a summer of many good memories made with family and friends. I know beginning a new year of home based learning can be exciting and rewarding, but might feel a little daunting and stressful!

I wanted to pass on a free printable just for YOU, Mom! Motherhood is such an awesome responsibility, joy, gift and so much more. Sometimes in the middle of our busy lives, we forget what a PRIVILEGE it is to be a mom and then on top of that, to be able to homeschool our children in a province that allows us to thrive in this educational choice. And it's this crazy, busy life at times that sometimes makes us forget the important things. 

That's where the printable comes in. I hope you read it, feel encouraged, and maybe put it up by your desk, on your fridge, kitchen wall, tucked in your journal, or by your bed to reread now and then. It includes 10 Grace Prayers for Joyful Parenting and 10+ Real Helps for Really Busy Mom. This is provided by Ann Voskamp, an author, speaker, and  homeschooling mom, so she knows what she's talking about. ;)

For your printable, click here 

I pray God's grace and peace on your family as you begin or continue on this adventure in teaching yours at home. May he bless us all with wisdom, joy, and unexpected gifts as he uses this important ministry of raising children to change us for His glory and to bring hope to a hurting world. 

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