Monday, February 10, 2014

Your Child is an Expert!

What does your child really enjoy doing? Given free time, what would he spend hours doing? What new skill has she learned recently? What does he know a lot about? What does she spend her time talking about? What project has he recently completed, which others could benefit from?

Yes, your child is an expert at something. It may be as basic as how to knit a washcloth, bake a cake, or as complicated as fixing a computer or planning a successful fundraiser.  If you asked her, she could probably explain, tell, or show you how to make or do something. Simple or detailed, it's knowledge that can be shared with others.

Your challenge is to inspire your children to share this passion and expertise with others -- others who are interested and will want to read about it.

Writers need an audience. Usually, this means sharing information with people beyond their immediate family (although they are important, too!). might be just the motivator for your student (Gr 4 and up) to share what he or she knows. Parental guidance is suggested, as with all sites. "This website has numerous categories, and projects range widely in difficulty, so parental supervision is recommended for use of WikiHow with children ages 8+."

For the many educational benefits of writing articles for Wikihow, check this link. 

If your child submits an article to, please let me know so I can learn from them! :)

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