Saturday, November 16, 2013

Home School Special Education support group!

Recently a new support group has been formed specifically for families who are teaching children with special or exceptional educational needs. It looks like a wonderful resource for information, support, and encouragement. If you know anyone who may benefit from this, please share!

Our Mission

The Homeschool Special Education Association’s mission is to serve the homeschool community wherein parents and caregivers of children designated with or suspected of having special and exceptional educational needs may find emotional and spiritual encouragement, information and networking resources to help them in the challenges they face.

Our Vision

To provide both online and regular face to face meetings by establishing networked chapters throughout our nation for those who are struggling in their homeschooling journey due to diagnosed or suspected special educational needs in one or more of the children in their care. These groups will provide Christian faith based peer support, though not limited to serving Christians, as well as providing professional information evenings and networking resources.
Home School Special Education is listed on the sidebar, as well.

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