Friday, October 11, 2013

Giving Thanks - from a Homeschooling Perspective!

This week I welcome my colleague Charlotte as a guest blogger. She's got some great things to share about being thankful - the 'homeschool mom version'!

Tis the season we are reminded to be thankful……have you pondered lately all the things to be thankful for as a homeschool mom? 

  • More time with your children
  • More opportunities to pass on your values to your children
  • Teachable moments can be captured
  • Special memories can be made all day, not after school
  • You don't need to wonder what to do with your time! 
  • You get your children for the best parts of the day…..and all parts of the day! 
  • On the first day of snow, you can take a day off and play! 
  • The homeschool parent gets to learn lots too! 
  • Freedom in BC to homeschool, without threats to the family 
  • Freedom to pray with your children whenever
  • The opportunity to really know your child
  • The opportunity for learning to be geared to your child's learning styles and interests 

An interesting thing is that most of those points above, and the hundreds I didn't write, can be seen positively, as something to be thankful for…….or negatively – something to complain about…….let me explain……

  • 'More time with your children', may also mean less time to one's self, less time for hobbies……. more of a mess in the house (Why can't you just do your chores?)
  • 'More opportunity to pass on your values to your children' – is wonderful, but that also means that they see you at all times…..when you blow it, and when things are good….when you have PMS and when you don't……when you are victorious and when you sin……as a result, you end up being accountable, authentic and transparent – and God can transform you (oow…that hurts!)……hmmm….. that's a good thing too, isn't it?…
  • 'Teachable moments can be captured'…..Sometimes means our 'schedule' goes by the wayside, and we need to be flexible – things that 'should' get done quickly, didn't get done……and we end up with some 'control' issues that need to dealt with! Oh, to get the right balance! 

I'm sure you get the picture…..the lesson is that it's our choice how we view things……I encourage you to choose to be thankful – and learn to see the things you want to complain about for the elements that you can be thankful for! 
Happy Thanksgiving!

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