Friday, March 1, 2013

A bit of this and that..

·       As I scour the internet, looking for info, I often come across some site I think you might find helpful. Here are a few...

v Need a placement test ?  I found this site online and thought you might find it handy-- a variety of curricula. It might be one you are considering using. The Sequential Spelling program is included, which is a popular one for children who struggle with spelling.   Math U See is also included.

 v Are your children needing some practice in their math facts?  Math Minute will let you practice online or print out math sheets, tailored to your child's needs. You plug in info to generate the content.

v I often mention that it's helpful to have students evaluate their writing, so they know if they are 'on target' with the writing assignment. Editing is important (not for every piece of writing, of course!) I came across this neat site called Evaluation Station. It can be used to check a student's paper (depending on the type of writing) just by asking questions. Depending on answers, the student knows what needs editing.  Worth checking out! This is for Grades 2-5, but probably could be used for a few grades higher, as well. I think it would work best if Mom was going through this with the child. Speaking of evaluation, here's a link to a general writing 'rubric' for elementary/intermediate students - Gr. 4-8 or so. It will give you another idea of what to look for in writing.

v And because I think being able to put thoughts down on paper in an interesting, meaningful, and imaginative way can be fun and fulfilling, I want to inspire you to be a mentor to your child, and not necessarily the 'teacher' when it comes to writing. I found this homeschooling site called wonderfarm and the post on writing is inspiring and hopeful. I hope you take a little time to read it. This writer is beginning a series on mentoring, rather than teaching. It could be good!   

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