Tuesday, October 16, 2012

The Need for Security

Children not only need to feel physically secure, they need to feel emotionally secure. The fear of rejection is one of the biggest fears children (and adults!) have.

Sadly, bullying is very prevalent in our society and has been in the news much lately. Many are calling for our government to introduce legislation to tackle this problem.

As homeschoolers, we have the privilege to teach our children how to respect and encourage others, rather than belittle them. We also want our children to know their value doesn't come from how others treat them. We want them to know the love of God and the security that comes with that. In turn, they are able to treat others with respect.

This begins with family relationships. How are we teaching our children to build up rather than ridicule others? Are we, as their parents, setting good examples for them? Do we allow our children to tear each other down with words? Have we taught them how to empathize and how to apologize meaningfully? Do they know how special they are to us and to God?

God has created the family as a secure environment for growing children. What a blessing it is to homeschool, sharing God's truth each and every day as we live and learn together.

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