Monday, September 24, 2012

Welcome to a new year with HCOS!

Don't you love September with warm days and cool evenings? Summer whispers its final good bye for the year and Fall enters, bringing with it beautiful warm colors, new schedules and activities. I hope that you are settling into your routines and finding your 'sweet spot'. Sometimes it takes some time and adjustment!

As one with a primary role of teaching your own, you have no doubt considered your plans and goals for your children. You may also have thought about what they need and want this year (children tend to make their wants known! ;) 

According to Christian author and teacher Karyn Henley, one of a child's greatest needs is adults who are tuned into their child's needs.   In the context of teaching and nurturing, what does a child need? A few years ago at a teacher's convention, I picked up a great little book Henly had written called Child Sensitive Teaching

The author listed the needs of children as: 
1. security
2. optimism
3. significance
5. exploration
6. appreciation of childhood
7. relationship

As homeschooling parents,  realizing that only God can completely satisfy all of our children's needs, we have a wonderful opportunity to play a vital part in ensuring these needs are met. 

May God bless your  family as you grow and learn together! 

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