Monday, October 25, 2010

Handwriting is good for the brain!

Do you sometimes wonder whether or not handwriting is going the way of the dinosaur? Is it a waste of time to teach proper penmanship skills when it seems that computers are taking over the world? How many of us as adults would choose to use cursive writing instead of our keyboards?

I came across a very interesting article online which has made me rethink the value of teaching handwriting.

Research shows that using handwriting enhances neural activity for all ages. It improves thinking skills, language, and working memory. Studies have shown that children use more words, work faster, and expressed more ideas when practicing 'sequential finger movements'.

Interestingly, even technological devices like the iPad and iPhone are beginning to introduce software and apps that teach and use handwriting.

There are many handwriting methods to choose from. I encourage you to choose one and encourage your children to practice their handwriting regularly, even if only a few minutes per day.

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