Thursday, January 14, 2010

Charts and Worksheets for Learning Skills

When you were a child in school, do you remember all the colorful charts your teacher would put up on the walls? Math charts, spelling lists, vocabulary words, handwriting charts, maps, etc.. As a homeschooler, I used to think this would not be necessary in a homeschool, but I changed my thinking when I realized that viewing these charts over and over again helps in the learning and memorization process. Don't be afraid to put up charts in your home, on the fridge, in the schoolroom, in the bedroom, on the kitchen table under a clear plastic tablecloth, etc.. What do you want your child to memorize? Place this information where he/she can't help but view it a number of times a day!

Here's a great site for accessing and printing off charts to aid in learning, as well as practice worksheets for spelling and math skills and more, for the primary grades.

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