Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Character Building Books

I just thought I’d share some ideas re: great character building books for elementary students. I’m always encouraging you to read a wide variety of books, and most importantly I hope that you are incorporating excellent Christian fiction or historical fiction/nonfiction in the mix. What better way to help instill Christian values and teach your children about living our their faith daily, than with books and discussions that appeal to the younger child? Many of us remember favorite stories from when we were young, and it will be the same for our children. I hope you will look into some of these while you are preparing for next year, either for Read Alouds or Independent reading. If you have any that you would like to recommend, please drop me a note. (Thanks to Liz T. for her input!)

Christian Heroes Then and Now

Sisters in Time series (historical fiction- American; learning Christian values)

Grandma’s Attic series
(stories of simpler times, family life, faithbuilding stories, etc..)

PonyTail Girls series - for ages 8-12
The PTs (Ponytail Girls) love school, church, shopping, friends, and family. They all go to Madison Middle School in Circleville, and attend Miss Kotter’s Sunday School Class at Faith Church. Sunday nights they get together with their special Zone 56 youth group. Something else they all have in common: ponytails! (Just like many girls this age.) That’s why every PT book comes features a colorful "scrunchie" attached to remove, wear and enjoy—while you join the PTs on their great adventures. You can even create a PT club with your own friends, and get together to read and discuss the books.

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