Friday, February 20, 2009

Improving Vocabulary the natural way

Something I came across that may be helpful to you..

New Vocabulary Words Challenge

"My kids read a lot, as do many homeschooled kids. Because they

read far beyond their grade levels they often run across words

they don't know. Often they end up just guessing at the meaning

of these words based on context -- and have no idea how to properly

pronounce them.

To remedy this, I purchased a small notebook for each of them. I

instructed them to write down any new words they come upon while

reading and then look them up. I then award prizes for completed

definitions. One prize for 25 words, another for 50, another for

100, and a new book for 200 words. After 200 my kids start over.

They love the rewards and I love knowing that they are increasing

their vocabularies and improving dictionary skills."

-- Read while perusing the member "wisdom" page at:

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