Sunday, September 7, 2008

Week of Welcome Open House

It was great to see many of you at our Open House, a Week of Welcome activity from HCOS. As promised, here are some of the pictures of children and families I will be working with this year. For some, this is our 5th year of working together. My, the children have grown up so quickly!

Unfortunately, I didn't get pics of everyone who was there, so I'd be happy to post pictures if you send them to me. As well, I'd love to put up pictures of the families that could not attend for various reasons. I will just add first names and cities, if that is okay with you.

Here are some of the great families I have the privilege to work with:

Liz and her children Sarah, Destinee, and their little siblings
Pinantan Lake

Tasia her little sister

Mixon and Selah

Cody and Jesse
Birch Island

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