Monday, September 29, 2008

Supplementing Math

As you all know, there are numerous excellent math curricula to choose from, in the world of homeschooling. The fact is, though, that not all these curricula cover all the concepts that the BC Ministry deems important. So, I would like to give you a list of options to supplement your chosen curriculum. You could choose only the parts that address the concepts that your student would need more practice on or exposure to.

Here are some of the best I've seen:

BC Mathematics
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A Series of Student Work/Guidebooks for Mathematics Designed to Enhance Student Success in Mathematics

Raven Research Associates has developed a series of Student Work/Guidebooks for Mathematics that is designed to enhance student success in mathematics in Grades 4 through 12. Each publication is directly linked to the provincial curriculum and was developed by experienced teachers of mathematics.

After many years of teaching mathematics at all grade levels, the authors were able to identify exactly what students need to be successful and have developed these Guides specifically for this purpose. Among the features in each Student Guide/Workbook are the following:

• Practical and attractive design
• Content is directly linked to the provincial mathematics curriculum
• Clear and practical explanations of key concepts in the curriculum
• Step-by-step examples
• Practice exercises aimed at low, medium, and high ability levels
• Chapter tests
• Answers to all questions that are available in the appendix

These publications have been enthusiastically received by many students, teachers, tutors, and parents. They are an ideal supplement to classroom instruction for all students and are valuable enhancements for students taking correspondence and night school courses, night school and summer school courses, and for those being home-schooled.

BC Math for grades K-7 by Nelson. "Provides activities that correspond to the BC outcomes. Balance of skill development and practice for improving student achievement." These workbooks are small and really quite good for the purpose of filling in gaps or reviewing. About $10. Available from ADS in New Westminster. 1-800-276-0078

S.N.A.P. Math for grades 3-12
"In the SNAP Workbooks, lessons covering each of the course objectives, detailed explanations of concepts, and illustrative examples form the Notes. Questions that can be used as teacher-led examples, in-class problems, and homework assignments are the Problems. Solutions for all questions appear in the Solutions Manual. The SNAP Workbooks can be used in the classroom throughout the school year and serve as self-study aids for students working independently. "These are larger workbooks and solutions for some (even or odd) problems are included in the workbook. - (for Gr. 7-9) if you are interested in this, let me know and I will sign you up. HCOS has a school subscription with this. You can choose specific lessons to meet the outcomes your curriculum may not address. It teaches through video lessons, worksheets, quizzes and tests. All of the marks are recorded automatically.

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