Friday, September 12, 2008

Science Equipment and Activities

If you are looking to purchase science equipment for investigations, experiments, science fun, and more, check out this website based in Calgary. Everything you'll need to enjoy science with hands on activities, books, technology, curriculum....

Science Is... is a Canadian distributor of the TOPS series of science and math lessons, and our prices are (of course) in Canadian dollars!

Hands-on science with simple things. TOPS Learning Modules are a tremendous boon for teachers, home-schoolers and youth group leaders who may be stretched for funds to buy hands-on science resources. The TOPS books were developed by Ron Marsen, who spent 3 years as a Peace Corps volunteer teaching science and math in Africa with no science equipment. (And you think your school board is pressed for funding!) Having to make do with limited resources, he taught science and math using mostly kitchen utensils and office supplies. Simple, easily-found materials like paper clips, thread, clothes pins, masking tape, aluminum foil, straws, pins, etc. were transformed into tools for real science and math lessons. Some of the TOPS modules need a minimum amount of "real" equipment, but you may already have an inexpensive thermometer, magnet or magnifying lens readily available in your classroom or home. If not, Science Is... would be happy to supply them. All TOPS Modules are soft cover books, 8 ½" X 11".

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