Monday, September 8, 2008

Help with Writing for Gr. 9 and up

Homeschool Writing Co Op

I came across this writing co-op online, which may interest some of you with older children.

"It is an eight week course for homeschool students in grades 9-12. There are eight lessons with writing assignments that are designed to develop and reinforce good writing skills. Lessons are e-mailed by the instructor to the student each week. Completed assignments are e-mailed by the student back to the instructor by the due date. The instructor provides encouraging feedback, aka "constructive input", about the student's work via e-mail, and is available for students' questions throughout the Co-op Session.

It is not necessary for students to be online at a designated time. Students' lessons, assignments, and e-mail interaction can be done at their convenience. Each lesson's assignment is due a week from the time the lesson is sent, to provide ample time for students to work. Average time students spend per week on a lesson and assignment is 2-3 hours, but this varies depending on the student.

I would consider this a writing tutor,which would be a great addition to your own program, if you feel your child would benefit from more one on one writing instruction.

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