Thursday, April 24, 2008

Yellow Jackie - Science Mystery online!

Yellow Jackie: A free online middle/high school interactive science mystery story.

Info for Teachers

Description: Yellow Jackie is a click-through science mystery that should take about an hour to solve. You are "hired" on as crew to help sail a yacht across half the Pacific. After a storm, you will use science-based clues to solve a mystery.

This is one of a series of online science mysteries created for Access Excellence @ the National Health Museum (AE@NHM), a national science education program.

A fellow teacher completed the Yellow Jackie story and found it quite engaging. New vocabulary is explained with a quick link. I liked it. There is also a story about the Arctic Exploration in the 1800’s where the crew died from lead poisoning. Access excellence has lots of science related information available for teachers.

Of course, this is not a Christian site, but it is for educators and quite informative.

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