Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Math is Fun

Here's a site where you can practice math facts as well as enjoy fun activities to meet outcomes that may not be stressed enough or available in your curriculum. there are categories for shape and space, handling data, geometry, and more! Games and interesting facts. Worth a look! (thanks to Cal B. for recommending this site!)

About Math Is Fun

The Idea

The idea behind the site is to offer mathematics as well as some fun bits, and to combine the two wherever possible.

Maintained By ... is developed and maintained by Rod Pierce, who loves mathematics and fun.


The main content of the site is aimed at basic math skills. However you will find some more complex stuff, and some easier bits. Hopefully there should be something for everybody.

Our Commitment

The site will continue to grow over time. Keep coming back to find out what has been added.


  1. Thanks for the link. Have you seen this one?


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