Monday, March 24, 2008

Child Friendly Email program

Has your child ever wanted an email address? ZooBuh is safe email for kids and families. Your child can now have a safe email account, giving you complete peace of mind. Parents have the ability to control and monitor their children's activities from anywhere.

ZooBuh can also help your child learn how to use a computer, learn how to type, improve spelling and communication skills.

As a parent, it's hard to manage your time while making sure your children are safe. ZooBuh's features make it easier for you to concentrate on your other daily tasks while still being in control of your child's email. ZooBuh makes controlling your child's online experience easier and safer. With ZooBuh's parental controls, monitoring tools, and other features, you'll be able to ensure your child's safety while they communicate with others through the Internet. Keeping online predators away from your children is only half the battle. With ZooBuh you can ensure your children are only receiving contact from approved people and that they are only sending approved information to others.

What price do you put on the safety of your child? Internet Safety should be taken seriously. ZooBuh allows your child to interact with others in a fun, safe and easy to use environment. ZooBuh is an excellent tool to help your child learn communication skills, learn how to express themselves, learn typing skills and assist your child in becoming familiar with computers and the Internet. We are continually making efforts to make what kids want and what parents need at the lowest cost possible.

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