Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Weekly Podcasts from HCOS Superintendent

If you haven’t already listened to a podcast given by Greg Bitgood at I encourage you to. He gives weekly encouragement for discipleship based Christian education.

You will be able to subscribe to the podcast by going to and click on subscribe. There are detailed instructions as to how to set it up to automatically download into Itunes or any other RSS feed. If you have trouble with the automatic subscription you can use the simple player on the site to listen.

Here is a
quote from first podcast on the parent’s responsibility. It is the response of a single mom who was homeschooling.

“Being a parent makes my child's education my responsibility. It is my responsibility to choose what education I think is best for my child. It is my responsibility to make sure my child receives the best education possible. It is my responsibility to re-evaluate these decisions and make changes as needed. It is even my responsibility to decide if homeschooling isn't working for us anymore and to send my child to school if this were to ever be the case. These are all responsibilities that I was well aware of and joyfully took on when I became a parent.”
Check out the podcast to be informed and inspired in your job as a home educator.

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