Thursday, January 10, 2008

Canada Study

For those of you studying Canada, this site may be of interest to you:

The Statistics Canada Website has all sorts of interesting information on Canada, using tables, animated graphs, puzzles, etc. It is well worth checking out . There are learning resources for teachers, students, a kids zone, resources organized by school subjects, and more!

For example: Here’s a great Canada Quiz using statistics provided in summary tables (for about Gr. 6-9). It is great practice for using tables to locate information, and using some of those skills and processes mentioned in Social Studies(interpreting graphs, tables, applying critical thinking skills).

Want to learn more about your particular town or city? Check out the 2001 Community Profiles:

It may be worth it to browse the site and check out some of the statistics with your children. It could lead to more independent researching as well.

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